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Joint Lab BioelectronicsMario Birkholz

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Prof. Dr. Mario Birkholz


Joint Lab Bioelectronics

Institute for Biotechnology
Ackerstr. 76, 13355 Berlin

Room Z33
+49 30 314-21159

Since 2012 Mario Birkholz and Peter Neubauer have headed the Joint Laboratory for Bioelectronics, which was founded by TU Berlin and IHP, the Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics. In his research, he has focused on photoactive membrane proteins, solar cell materials, structural investigations of thin films and - since 2004 - the use of microelectronics in biotechnology.

The rising field of Bioelectronics is so fascinating because it opens the door to a fusion of functional materials from technology and nature. In his lecture "Introduction to Bioelectronics", Prof. Birkholz brings this approach to students every summer semester and introduces prospective biotechnologists to the modern techniques of microelectronics.

Current research projects deal with cell manipulation with electrical techniques as well as with the use of microsensors for monitoring bioprocesses. In addition, an implantable biosensor has been developed for monitoring the blood sugar level. Here, as in e-health in general, the question arises as to how the data obtained can be made available to patients and medicine without violating privacy.


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