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TU Berlin

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Anders Henriksson

Technische Universität Berlin
FG Bioverfahrenstechnik, ACK24
Ackerstrasse 76
13355 Berlin
+49 (30) 314 28353

PhD in Surface Chemistry, Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, TU Wien, Austria
Thesis: From Silicon Wafers to Silicon Nanowires: Chemical modification of planar and structured Silicon Surfaces
Master in organic chemestry, Linköping Technical University, Sweden
Thesis: Synthesis and design of carbohydrate structures related to antifouling studues

Scientific Projects
2017 - 2018
Postdoctoral associate, Joint Lab Bioelectronics, TU Berlin/IHP-innovations for high performance, microelectronics, Berlin/Frankfurt an der Oder.
DFG project: A microring resonator as a DEP electrode, bio-particle interaction phenomena and sensing integration issues.
2014 - 2015
Research fellow (The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) post-doctoral fellowship), University of Tokyo, Japan.
Chemical modification of germanium and silicon substrates with electro active groups for applications in molecular electronics.
  • Henriksson, A., Friedbacher, G. & Hoffmann, H., Surface Modification of Silicon Nanowires via Copper-Free Click Chemistry. Langmuir (2011) 27 (12), pp 7345–7348
  • Henriksson, A & Hoffmann, H., Structure of Alkyne Monolayers on Hydrogen-Terminated Si(100) Surfaces Investigated by External Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy, Applied spectroscopy (2012) 66 pp. 1320–1325
  • Henriksson A, Nishiori D, Maeda H, Miyachi M, Yamanoi Y, Nishihara H. Attachment Chemistry of Aromatic Compounds on a Silicon(100) Surface. Surface science, 2018, 669, 140-144
  • Henriksson, A & Hoffmann, H. Click coupling reactions on flat and nanostructured hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces Pyhysica status solidi a (2019) 216 pp. 1800683

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