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Joint Lab Bioelectronics - Research

Cell Handling by Dielectrophoresis


Subjecting a biological cell in solution to an inhomogeneous electrical field may elicit a dipole moment that can interact with the field.

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Photonic Biosensors


Within the framework of a DFG-funded project, an optical biosensor chip is being developed at the Joint Lab, in which the detection is performed by a microring resonators.

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Monitoring of Bioprocesses


The monitoring of small biomolecules represents an important task in the control of bioprocesses. Despite this importance, even after decades of research and development, problems of reproducibility, sensor drift and receptor stability are still being struggled with.

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Additive Manufacturing for Lab-on-Chip


3D printing or additive manufacturing processes in general have made electrical integration processes much easier. In various projects such as the MRR-DEP biosensor or DEP-based cell separation, the required experimental systems are manufactured using AM processes.

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Korrodierter Bio-Halbleiterkontakt

The surfaces of processed semiconductors become unstable when exposed to bio milieus. In particular, aqueous solutions of electrolytes may easily cause corrosion of inorganic surfaces like Si, SiO2, SiON. Also biological materials degrade upon contact, for which the denaturation of proteins on Si/SiO2 surfaces is a well-known example.





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