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Joint Lab Bioelectronics

Microelectronics and biotechnology are performing a convergence process bringing both disciplines closer together. The process is mainly fed upon the development of methods aiming at the understanding and manipulation of nano-scaled objects. The new discipline of bioelectronics has evolved from this convergence dealing with the integration of electronic systems in biological environments and the study of interactions between both material worlds. One major trend is related to biosensors, where the progressive miniaturization enabled the introduction of micro-sensors into biological systems.

The Joint Lab Bioelectronics was founded by TU Berlin and the IHP – innovations for high performance microelectronics in order to deal with this recent development.


The image is part of the recent publication "An approach to ring resonator biosensing assisted by dielectrophoresis: Design, simulation and fabrication" and shows schematically the biosensor design and a scanning electron microscope image (white bar as scale with 10 µm length). The metallic DEP electrodes are designed in a zigzag shape and the exposed area of the microring runs in a trench.

There are current no vacancies available at the Joint Lab.


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